Clangers, knockers, clappers, bangers, dongers…..errrrrrmmmm

Today the bells were finished with their noise makers. Turned on the wood lathe they are made from well seasoned laurel logs. It was a beautiful process and I loved how you could get such a smooth finish with sandpaper after the cylinders were formed, a nice tactile experience indeed. Chopped into discs with the band saw, and then sanded with a bevelled edge they fit pleasingly into the palm of the hand displaying their rings of life, years lived before ending up inside a bell. Imitating the wooden knocker Nathanael had noticed on a bamboo wind chime, we drilled 3 holes through the discs and wove the hemp cord down and up in a figure of 8, which would supposedly keep them hanging level and tight, but in fact they ended up hanging lopsided due to our inexact central holes perhaps. We soon saw or in fact heard that with the beautiful sounds created, it wasn’t important. It was a special moment as each bell came alive for the first time, sounding its somewhat mournful note. image_1

Researching the significance of Laurel, we found a lot of information on camphor, the oil/incense extracted from the wood. Used in Hindu Puja and pagan practices for spiritual cleansing and protection and for the dispelling of evil. Used for divination, prothetic dreaming and physic awareness. For the ceremonial gridwork and sound healing intentions we set out on this journey with, this feels very appropriate.


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