LA LA LA and the tale of broken bell

Broken bell came out of the fire with a crack. So he was named broken bell from the start. We kept him as a spare along with white bell and an unburnished, wonky bell. They were numbers 23, 24 and 25. Broken bell always had a nice layered, resonance to him but we rated him as second best. On Orcas island we planned to leave him in an amazing climbing tree we found, so he came with us as we hang the main 22, sat to the sidelines, awaiting his fate.

Nathanael was wildly grabbing for a high branch, precariously balanced on a wet tree branch, clutching a bell rope between his fingers. Suddenly he slipped, grabbed the trunk to steady himself, the bell followed and made an ominous sound. Weirdly there was no visible sign of fracture but the wounded bell now sounded like a tinny snare drum. She was dropped from the ranks and broken bell took her spot. We felt that the other bell sacrificed herself for the honor of broken bell, that he should have been included from the start. He added a pleasing lower note to the chorus.

After the Adobe park hang I had placed a glass bottle in the box of bells and leaning down it had toppled over and smashed the handle of one of the bells. I had felt super foolish and annoyed at myself for being so careless, imagining all of the family slowly being wounded and damaged hang by hang. Today at the 6th hang upon unpacking the boxes, i realised that the bell with the broken handle was in fact broken bell! Again he had stepped into the line of fire. We see him as the master bell and originally he had a smaller banner so he was dong less but today, in his honor we fitted him out with a new larger banner and managed to rig him with a  rope handle. We hung him with a group of 12 bells on the large main branch of the pinon pine tree we adorned today. 12 disciples, 1 master. Thank you broken bell, so glad your part of the team! 🙂


The hang was slow to present itself here. We visited a number of parks and locals but either the tree wasn’t there, the wind was too brisk or we just weren’t feeling it. Such a combination of factors and really we have found that it is pretty immediate, the feeling of having found the spot and the tree. We both just know. When Nathanael’s old friend Nathan suggested a little park by the ocean, out where the Korean peace bell hangs, we knew. Visiting the huge metal bell in its ornate pagoda and looking down over the sparkling waters to the verdant park with it’s huge magnolias confirmed the hunch.

We picked the tree after a tour round the possibilities counted out many of the older, broader characters. We just didn’t have enough rope to tie round the huge branches. Right by the path meant we had many visitors/curious onlookers, although again less interaction. We did have a French horn player named Tone attempt a  to harmonise/jam with the bells. They sang happily all day, rocking slightly in the sea breeze, banners twirling. I tranced out under for some time, mesmerized by the group overtone they created.

IMG_0305‘Tone’ and his french hornIMG_0483closeupbellssanpedro

We move on from LA tonight after a couple of days of visiting old friends and family. Dropping into different world, different lives is always intriguing. You become a part of that reality for those short hours, embracing it all brings great, diverse experiences. LA is an interesting place, high energy with a lot of grasping and scheming. Observing it all is a good test of balance and inner peace. We did pretty well and in fact, I arrived in a bit of a negative funk, feeling a bit rushed and out of sorts after not finding a suitable hanging place along the beautiful Big Sur coast. What shifted was my appreciation and gratitude. Upon visiting a friend I felt like I saw my beloved through the eyes of another and suddenly was enamored to a whole new level. Enamored with him, enamored with life, enamored with our journey and intentions. Super grateful I feel right now for this opportunity and unfolding adventure.

image2.22 – the master numbers are everywhere!

We plan to cross the border tomorrow. we just need to buy Tahini and we are ready 🙂 Really would love to do a hang at the border on the Mexican side……


One thought on “LA LA LA and the tale of broken bell

  1. LA LA LA; lettin’ it go; live life in the moment. Ty. Broken Bell a representation of us all in some small way; despite our bumps & bruises, like hind’s feet choosin’ to walk in high places. You were not alone at that tree, yet with a Power greater than yourselves. Prayers left for the land; prayers back for you. Awesome.


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