Back to BioSana: Avocados and Community life

IMG_0867 copyOur magical reality of now is community living up in the mountains of the Sierra de La Laguna in the southern tip of Baja Sur. We are living in a beautiful meadow of pink flowered grasses where we have set up a slightly more permanent camp with a shady glade for unfolding and working clay. Biosana is a community I visited 2 years ago and spent 4 months building a breath work centre. Fond memories and the idea that we would be welcome to create art on the land and get down to some ceramic work and rustic firing brought us here and the rest is gently unfolding.

IMG_0957 copy


One of the most special places on the land for me the last time was the underground earth temple. Built as the first experiment on the land using earth bags, it is a small domed structure with steps leading down into the earth. The energy of the place is incredible and I spent a good amount of the time meditating and chanting within its nurturing walls as well as 3 days and nights on dark retreat which was a powerful experience and reset. We arrived to find it covered in dead branches, overgrown with weeds and the earthen walls were in dire need of restoration and maintenance. I was shocked and dismayed initially at the lack of care for a place i saw as the heart of the land, but this quickly transformed to a feeling of certainty of why we had come, that one of our tasks would be to renovate the temple I held so dear. Challenge excepted!
So now our days are filled with a variety of tasks around the land mixed with work on the temple. Planting, organising and tidying up spaces including Nathanael on the unruly bodega have brought feelings of usefulness and belonging. its felt important to mix the more practical earthly tasks important to communal land living with the spiritual elements of listening and breathing with the land, asking permission for any intervention. We have also now taken on the Biosana market stall at the weekly organic farmers market in San Jose. Initially an idea for our ceramic wears our first stall held a bounty of treats including superfood balls, sugarcane, amazing pink grapefruit, dark sweet honey from the Pitaya cactus flowers and information on the goings on at Biosana. We were graced with a spot under a beautiful tree and a useful cutting block for the cane right in front of the stage where we enjoyed some beautiful music from light filled beings. Nathanael may well participate next week.
IMG_0975 copy
We have set ourselves up with a target to finance our trip onwards to the mainland and further south towards Costa Rica. Without expectation we proceed with our day to day tasks and check in with our evolving dreams and heart desires to see if we are planting the seeds we want to see grow into trees of our futures. Lots of learning, growing and shifting happening for the both of us. Each day letting go of what doesn’t serve us and welcoming in what does. Good fresh food, beautiful companions, the magical lands of the Sierras, simple living and connecting with all that is helps us every step of the way, reminding us of what is really important. All of it and none of it. Relaxing into each moment and allowing the unfolding journey to take us onwards. The bells have been taking a break but I feel a hanging is in order soon, either on the land for the community or up in the glorious water filled canyon behind the community land where some glorious old trees reside. For now 3 hang by the temple and keep our work there intentional and heart centered, there chiming mixing with the bells of the roaming desert cattle that surround us.
Loving Baja and grateful for all it is teaching us.
Blessings to all!

3 thoughts on “Back to BioSana: Avocados and Community life

  1. I have only just found this so a happy new year to you both. You will not be surprised to hear that I am a great supporter of Broken Bell. Dad x.


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