Life continues with Biosana

IMG_0890 copy

Here at BioSana days are lengthening and the cold damp nights of january have transformed to be softer, warmer and drier, heralding the changing season and the coming of an early spring. We have settled into a rythmn of rising with the sun which gives a chance of pause through inner practise or a time for some outer processing or connecting before the day of living within community unfolds itself. We meet at 8am for a check-in and task allocation which works more to let people know what tasks are available and then persons are free to choose which tasks they will do rather then a list of musts and shoulds. Breakfast is always a treat based around a base of oats and copious cacao and honey. The physical work we are undertaking right now calls for calories and carbs and we fill our bowls and wash it down with spicy, citrusy tea. We are always slightly later then intended to the temple site. I am accepting that as our rythmnn and flow and to not let the idea of hotter temperatures bring anxiety to the days undertakings. We mix and shovel, blend and turn. Our hands and feet our most used tools. Straw is scattered into our base of earth. Clay is hauled from the pit along with our daily requirement of water, carried on browning backs and muscles that our carved and sculpted with each repetition.

IMG_1024 2
First layer of new plaster on the temple and earthbags added on top

We have a growing team of fellow mud flingers joining us these days and today featured three stomping women circling a pile of sticky mix whilst the bells sang their song of approval. Good conversations were started and taken up, trains of thought unraveling, dreams and desires expressed and pondered upon. We are want the same thing, community and a world where the individual has the tools to thrive and create the visions the soul is delivering to us each and every day. Fleshy pink Grapefruit, picked in the morning from a generous tree bent low with its offered bounty of huge sun ripened globes, is a welcome refreshment in the soaring temperatures, juice dripping and mixing with our earth caked fingers, abundant seeds spilling out of the sides of slurping lips. Lunch was garden fresh with purple bruised kale, so soft and creamy mixed with handfuls of spicy Arugula thinnings and a swollen bowlful of avo heavy guacamole.

Today was a slightly different day, we were invited to attend the prospective new members meeting and so suddenly we are now involved in the initial stages of becoming committed members to the Biosana mission and aim. All doors are open right now, all hearts wide. We have voiced our intention to stay until at least April, to learn and grow in community and in friendships. For right now it is ‘Good enough for now, Safe enough to try’, a Sociocracy motto used to initiate action and get projects off the ground. We feel held here and excited for the future, of what could manifest here. Their are many masters and a score of willing pupils untying the gate. They are really one and the same. We feel we are sitting in a mid-point where we have knowledge to give; gleaned from a mixture of hands of experience of community living, grassroot permaculture building and farming projects and many hours of research and reading, as well as being willing students, more aware of what knowledge we seek to gain, what skills we want to acquire or hone and where we want to focus our mental capacities. The land is the master of all masters, it tells us what it requires. A sharp thorn in my bare foot whilst rushing along or mind carried away to a different place or time brings me back to the here and now, focused on the beauty of this reality. It shows me to wonder in it, The sun so high and hot sends us in for nourishment and thirst quenching, to leave the disturbed insects to readjust and collect themselves under new rocks. Small actions with time for pause and reflection seem to be welcomed and encouraged by the land. We are indeed welcome.

We look forward to receiving friends and family here in the near future. All are welcome and there are many options for work trade or skill share. We call in permaculture gurus, food forest dwellers, community builders, yogis and raw foodists, nature lovers, earth builders, mud flingers and artists. Let us know your dreams and maybe there a place here for them to unfold 🙂

con mucho amor!

IMG_1035 2
The canyon waterfalls and pools



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