Temple Restoration Continues as Mangos Bloom


Mangoes in bloom under the Sierra la Laguna mountains.
Heading through the fruit orchard
Mango flowers

Biosana is holding us nicely. We continue to grow and evolve with the help of the land and it’s inhabitants. As the avocado harvest comes to an end our twinges of sadness are quick to pass as we frolic in our new found abundance of Papaya, and the promise of a huge summer harvest of Mangoes. We are left mildly intoxicated as the heady scent drifts in the air, becoming full bodied and pungent as each day heats up, the hot air inviting the exuberant flowers to push outward and up, heavy bows swaying and bending. We are rewarded daily with ground scores of tart passion fruit, a trailing plant that favours tall branches to tangle up and around. The fruit falls singularly on pathways, little crinkly parcels of orange flesh and crunchy seeds, a true treat after a hard morning under the sun. We crack them open and devour them with eager tongues, sticky juices running down our mud-spattered limbs.

Community Ecstatic Dance by the entrance Mango Tree
Altar at New Moon Ecstatic Dance

Community has been evolving as well, with new arrivals adding their spice to the mix. We have roots in many lands; Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Japan, Czech Republic, Canada, UK, and USA. Different urges bring us to these lands; some come for study, some for retreat, some for a stopgap that takes an unexpected turn. All are drawn to communal living. We are all learning to share space, become more loving, more aware, more accepting. Its not always easy but its beautiful. We share meals and cooking, enjoying everyone’s different methods of preparation using the local ingredients, as well as the rare foreign imports that hold a sense of comfort for the bearer (for me the Tahini is a hard one to do without!). Different projects are in progress about the land. The densely packed banana circle is having a deep cleanse and clearing by Donnie and Crea, who both arrived the past few weeks, they are now building an earthbag bench from which to enjoy the powerful energies that lurk within the grove. A new bodega (tool shed) is being built, a project led by Raeshek who is almost done with his epic Star Wars inspired dome home and so has more time to lead community projects now. A number of volunteers are helping out, along with some local workers from the nearby hamlet of El Chorro. Gardening, clearing, toilet digging, irrigation of fruit trees and maintenance happens continuously. Thank goodness for Trino, a local worker who has known the land for many years and works tirelessly moving water through the orchards using hand dug swales and channels, as well as tending to emergency situations such as cow break-ins.

We have been enjoying intense breathwork sessions with Dan Bruhl (one of the BioSana founders), and his student Sumiko (here on Dan’s intensive breath course). My own healing journey with this practice has been profound and the benefits wide ranging and long lasting. Everyone receives what they are needing,  and for me it has helped to shed layers of sadness and stagnancy around identity, love, the feminine/masculine relationship, childhood beliefs, the state of the earth and my place on it, feelings of regret or remorse, guilt over life path, etc. Just some small issues 🙂 My body has released much of the trapped and debilitating energies of emotionally turmoil which manifest in pain, discomfort and disease in the physical form. Past breathing sessions have been a huge part of this. Now my experiences are generally a lot more blissful and I usually end up in a space of absolute allowance where I become the unified field of all that is but unlike some practices, breath work practice fosters full body presence and awareness. At the end of a session you feel like you have been through a spiritual deep clean, with senses heightened and your sense of joy and aliveness magnified many times over. Regular practice brings this heightened sense of being into everyday existence. The body is fully oxygenated, with all the benefits that brings to health, well being and the ‘aging process’. The mind has a peaceful, clear sense of purpose for moving through life, and the Spirit is brought close to the surface through the vehicle of the heart linking intuitive knowledge to compassionate action. That is my experience and I recommend it to all to try for themselves.IMG_1376

The temple work is continuing. The shape is being honed day by day. We hope to cap the dome in the coming weeks with a glass bottle spire and add an overhanging wattle and daub roof to protect the doorway. Its slow work carrying all water and mixing fill by hand, but very rewarding to have our hands in the earth and really getting to grips with the material and relative ratios. The increase in heat is really our only challenge as by midday its pretty sweltering now and by April getting an early start will be paramount. Late afternoons are pleasant to work in, watching the sunset over the Sierras before moving inside for some toning and throat singing. The acoustic quality improving, as earthen plaster and strong intentions are building up. We are challenged by commitment to one project, as both of us thrive in activating and starting projects, but maybe not so much with the end game. Maybe other fire signs can relate to this 🙂 We are determined in this process and call in any willing helpers who are drawn to working with sacred space creation and earth building.





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