BioSana Campanas y Templo de Tierra


In the past few weeks, the bells finally came out to play on the land at BioSana. I had been eyeing up the assorted Mango trees and their magnificent blooms and suddenly realised that soon it would be too late, as blossoms had started to fall on many of them by this point in the season. So I quickly chose one which had a beautiful long sweeping bough and was tall enough to hold the bells proudly aloft. They were hung at first light with my beloved and went straight to work with their soft clangs. A few repairs were completed on strings and banners during the hang and we left them to it. The community awoke to the surprise and as they were pretty close to the kitchen no one could really avoid the new addition! The response was good and most folk had no idea we had been traveling with such a load!


I cleared the long grass underneath and lay picnic blankets underneath for lunchtime soundbaths. I had envisioned a few days hanging but in the end they were up for more then a week! The longest hang yet. Many people got to experience the sounds and as the land is so peaceful (outside of worker hours that is) the sound carried in the soft breezes and rang out so even on the other side of the property by the Temple we could hear them if the wind blew a certain way. At night the air was generally pretty still so all got to sleep ( including the bells) without too much disturbance 🙂

One lunchtime we were given a rosy boa snake by Treno and we spent a fair few hours enraptured by such a calm, beautiful creature. He particularly liked our hair and the bells and he would rise up on top of Nathanael’s head and do the classic snake dance. It was incredible! IMG_1500

The Temple is nearing completion as the various elements are becoming cohesive and detailing is happening. The main shape is now complete and we are really pleased with the shape that has evolved and emerged from the mud!

The front was always a hard one to really envision as we were using new techniques and a design that was coming from a very simple sketch. We wanted to create a sweeping line along the spine of the entrance way with the high point being a kind of porch above the door providing some weather protection. The old door was very warped and we wanted to avoid the same thing happening with the new one we plan to install in the coming month.



We built up the front with some earth bags which we reused from the ones we pulled out from the legs we had removed previously and some smaller orange bags (so all recycled). We created a wooden frame with some sharpened sticks stuck into 5 hand drilled holes in the old door frame (much harder then it sounds in hard wood at such an obtuse angle). We bound them with hemp twine and then to work weaving bamboo thinnings through these uprights (the wattle). It was a great reminder of how much I love weaving and fiber work- something I really want to get back into in the near future. This was then mudded with a thick cob mix in many layers on both sides. The underside was a bit of a challenge as it was firstly hard to wet- Nathanael devised an interesting technique of spitting water at it in a very dramatic manner. Mud would also fall of a lot of the time if you didn’t really slap it on or have the right consistency. It needed a fair amount of work but the result is super strong and we think rather beautifully elfin:)




At the same time the glass bottle spire has been growing and becoming more refined. It has largely been Nathanael’s task with limited room to work and he has been going between feeling pleased with progress to downright frustrated. Trying to achieve a consistent result with different sized found glass vessels was not easy! We used a lime mortar mix and did a layer each time we had enough suitable jars which we would pair together and place in rings, the angle increasing each time to form the dome.


We have had some great helpers out at the site, braving the fierce temperatures. What with magical Ashamaha letting the creative juices flow on the feet, Rita getting stuck in dismantling the final remnant of the old dragon shape- the tail, and many hands slapping down the mud. Thank you all!



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