Caminos de Cultura- Mexico City



Pyramid of the Moon -Teotihuacan to the north of Mexico City

Our trip to Mexico mainland was one of cultural and artistic exploration. We dropped into Mexico city and gleefully started devouring the varied blockbuster art shows, the kooky eclectic street art, the powerful ritualistic and symbolistic ancient relics of Aztec and Mayan culture and the beautiful, traditional folk art and craft of the varies regions, all coming together in an explosion of colour and pattern in the stew pot that is the third biggest city on the planet.

Los modernos
Art Deco Old Post Office
National Museum of Art
Native dancer on the site of the old city in the Zocalo


Coyoacan- Fridas hang out
view from our glorious digs…..

One of my highlights was the huge Archeology museum containing amongst its treasures the famous sun disc (one of many) initially mistaken as a calendar but really an accoutrement of ritual sacrifice. We were enamored by the varied ceramic braziers for burning incense fashioned as noble, fierce and heavily pierced tribal members, spirit animal shaped pots and beautifully pleasing three legged bowls and dishes for uses such as blood letting and cacao ceremony. The infamous Xoccipilli stone statue was also present surrounded by his plant medicines, gawking out into the unseen depths of the cosmos, Nathanael snuck a quick kiss on the statues’ sacrum and was rewarded with a powerful rippling body high, ha! The whole place felt very super charged in fact, not surprising considering the sheer quantity of ceremony objects and various depictations of gods and spirit creatures. What scenes these objects must have been witness too defies the belief system of many. 🙂





We flowed into a last minute suggestion and attended Ometeotl Music festival near Tepotzlan. it sounded really wonderful with a focus on ceremony, Native medicine and culture, art and celebration. It was in fact a Hard Trance rave with the main stage pounding away 24 hours completely obliterating any other offerings in other areas. A sound healing session was simply drowned out and it become more of a challenge to accept and transmute rather then the soothing experience it should be. So, although there were beautiful elements I left feeling  pretty drained but also so thankful for the thought and care that goes into the planning and placement of stages at the transformational festivals in the states!! Looking forward to a summer of intentional co-creation!







sunrise ceremony on the final day- beautiful people, beautiful intention
This photo kind of sums it up- clash of cultures can be disturbing……..

AND after giving up on the idea of applying for my 10 year visa to the states I decided to give it a try anyway, us ending up staying right around the corner from the embassy and some friendly encouragement from staff there…..The upshot being that although the website told me it was impossible, (being a third party national I had to return to London). I applied, had my prints taken and went through crazy theme-park-like  queues spilling out into the chaotic street to attend my 5 minute interview and voila! i am now the proud owner of a piece of colourful paper that gives me permission to be where I want to be for the whole summer. Sometimes hoop jumping can be pretty flow…….

Next stop: Oaxaca………

bless this crazy ride!


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