Evolving Bell journey


2016-07-04 07.51.28

The bells are ringing. They are calling to increase their reach in this world. To be added to, multiplied, in different materials with new components. Hang in new environments but this time, less wild and remote. Not so much for earth healing but for people healing. Sound therapy and sound journeys. Led sessions and free journeying. This process is already happening as we contemplate our month end journey off to 2 big music festivals. Firstly driving to Colorado for the Arise festival. Held at the oldest community in America and one I have attended in the past to my great delight. Here we will be creating sacred space on the land and holding art sessions and meditations guided by the bells. Then straight after we will travel directly to Tidewater, Oregon for Beloved. the festival where myself and Nathanael met one year ago. The location of the fertilisation of the seeds that have now sprouted into the full grown tree of ceramic bells we both hold so dear.

Arise Festival Loveland Colorado

HERO_BELOVED_Zipporah_Lomax Beloved 2016 video

We are then contemplating our journey to Burning Man. We will need to hang a little differently for this. It will require a lot more organisation and perhaps a geo-dome structure to be borrowed or built. We have been talking about creating a whole new set of black ceramic bells. Something a bit more dark in nature and perhaps in sound too. This would be more fitting for the harsh environment of the playa and something we would have less emotional attachment to!


Last weekend we had a test run for these bigger events by hanging at a small private party called Fractal Lake Campout. Held on beautiful family owned land with good intention for fostering and growing strong community with conscious action and co-creation. It was a beautiful event and we found the perfect old oak tree up on a hill overlooking the lake. It was a very last minute thing. Nathanael had headed down to help out whilst I chose to stay behind, being due on my moon time. I was then called from my nest to help out with first aid and so we both ended up there. Nathanael had thought to bring the bells which for the past month have been packed up inside, taking a break from traveling round in Ariel the Aerostar. We were having a challenging time relating so i didn’t see it happening but the tree presented itself pretty quickly and then there was the guy wandering around with the strimmer who kept catching my eye until I approached and asked if he could cut a path through the tall grasses to the biggest, oldest tree. He did a beautiful job with his meandering creation and so it was.

2016-07-04 07.53.48

We hung most of them at sunset on the first day of the festival and then the 2nd lot at sunrise the day after, There was lots of bough climbing to be done. The branches were huge and we got some really high up which produced an amazing layered effect in sound and aesthetically. They were up for the next 2 days. It was the first time we had left them to their own devices for such a long time and despite a few worries about low hanging banners and eager small hands yanking at them, they were perfectly happy. The only problem is strings rubbing on the edge of the bell bottom and sometimes these wear through and have to be replaced. Or if its really windy the banners come untied. We will need to replace the strings for something a bit hardier for 4 day festivals.

2016-07-04 07.52.52


So right now this is the calling. I want to focus on this rather then the anxiety of being back in the real world of rent and bill payments for the summer. We have a lovely space here in Nevada City California. We have been working hard to set up our ceramic studio which is really coming together, after only 1 month we are working in the space and trying to get our currently out of order second hand kiln back up and running.  but suddenly we are both faced with the realisation we are going to start having to earn some money to afford this life and be able to keep supporting and voting for the world we want to see – organic agriculture, vegan cafes, sustainable products, materials for our art and there is a great desire to start supporting all the wonderful artisans and crafts people we are building networks with. Watch this space on how this will evolve.

Living the dream, facing the challenges and moving forward…..

2016-07-04 17.59.26



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