A new birthing process……


I am back in the studio and into the rhythm of pouring new bells. It’s a process indeed. Requiring my consistent presence and care. I am using a porcelain slip we mixed up from a dry mix of Oriental Pearl, that’s a whole other story but eventually we got a good balanced mix. This will be interesting as it’s a medium fire clay, whereas the last set of Terracotta were low fire. This will for sure alter the sound and the resonance but for now I am clueless to what will be produced exactly. We still don’t have a working kiln, which is a problem. We have been given our money back for our huge elephant in the room and now we have more options including joining the makers space round the corner for the last few months we are here. But we still have this amazing kiln and believe it must be a very simple problem to get up and running. So for now, I’m just continuing to make bells, awaiting the signs to send me in one direction or the other. I’m aiming for 33 right now and using the same mould that has traveled with us down from Vancouver and is pretty bashed up now after all the use and movement but other than requiring a bit more sanding to get a smooth finish, the bells are coming out great and actually the process is a lot easier with the porcelain which dries a lot firmer much quicker.

The vision for these bells is to produce a set for sponsorship or purchase. They will be hung altogether one time in ceremony where we will set strong intentions for earth healing and wellness for the environment. Then they will be sent off to their new homes where their new parents will hold them and their activated intentions. I’m already holding them with a slight disconnected air, knowing these aren’t my children. I feel like the surrogate mother, knowing I will be passing them along once my work is done. Sponsorship will be an option for those who don’t have a steady residence. We will hang the sponsored bell in a wild space for continued space holding, for protection of that area and to mark and create sacred space for others to drop into. An other option is gifting whereby a bell would be sponsored by one person and sent to another, be it individual or organisation or even community space or land project. Such a blessing for anyone to receive.

I’m excited to be working with LaserTree, an artist who creates amazing sacred geometry laser cut wood pieces for jewellery and crystal grid work. He will be making the bell knockers for me with a laser design on the underside. This will be a strong amplifier and also be wonderful visually for anyone lying underneath the bells for sound journeying. I have chosen 3 designs and a wonderful dark red wood  called padauk. Its fsc certified and sustainably managed. This will really sing against the white porcelain.

Catch his work here- lasertree website

The Torus on a Lasertree wall hanging piece in cherry and walnut


Next task is to pick rope and banner material. I’m being drawn to using more hemp and so will have to spend some time looking at options.

I’m excited to hear from anyone who may want to take one of these new bells home, be involved with the hanging ceremony wich will most probably be in California, also anyone who has knows a powerful tree/location to hang these in. I am looking at different packaging options to be able to ship these overseas as I’m sure a few of the uk family will want to be involved. I am still journeying with how I will offer these for sponsorship. It could be a crowd funding page or Etsy listing. One thing i do know is that these bells and  what funds they bring in will be supporting trees in a direct way as a portion of the money will go towards reforestation projects. Open to ideas on what projects would be good to reach out to with this.



Grateful for this journey of creation and exploration. For sound and its inherent powers. For the ceremony I have in the my life these days. For the gathering of earth healers and protectors called to stand up at this time. To those doing the work our in south Dakota at standing rock. Oh to get the bells THERE! Any patrons? 😉

Much love and blessings to all.





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