There be dragons…..



Samantha Veitch

Hatched in London, UK. Avid nomad explorer. Fueled by changing horizons, beauty of the natural world, community and co-creation, going deep to explore the inner world of the self and stretching it all out to evolve and grow. Jack of all trades, master of none. Peace and love is all.

Been studying Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University UK and just finished an exchange semester at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada. Spent the 2 previous years traveling through the Americas hitchhiking and backpacking without the use of aeroplanes  from the UK- Hawaii. Excited to now be on a dual adventure with my beloved and co-creator.




Nathanael CalicoLeaf Wheaton

Music Art Music Art music Art……the whirrings of a mind possessed.

Check out Mr CalicoLeaf’s shop here! CalicoLeaf Shop


Ariel Aerostar Silkmeister

Shes a zoomy ’95 ford Aerostar who arrived in Nathanael’s life this summer with an appetite for wild adventure and the open road. Kitted out with a tea serving area and bell storage she provides everything the intrepid explorer could need and more.





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