Belltree Journey

Coming together to co-create we set off with 22 of our large ceramic bells, to be installed in locations down the coast of North America. Our journey will take us from Bowen Island, British Columbia Canada – Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur Mexico. A journey of 3939 km.

Each time we install the family of bells a prayer is left for the land, for the earth, and for the expansion of global consciousness. What we leave behind is this intent for change and a small selection of various crystals to hold and amplify our intentions at each location.

We have chosen each installation point for different reasons: some are energetically resonant at junctions of the many lines of energy that stretch around the earth. Commonly called Ley Lines, these rivers of power are the veins of the Earth, and any intentions put forth in these places are immediately amplified by the high vibration flow passing through these conduits. The crystals help focus this energy and hold the link between locations, forever connecting each point we interact with. Prayers offered to one location will be sent up the line and, once complete, will be allowed to continue flowing back and forth until such a time as it’s purpose has been served.

Some locations are personal power points with energetic or emotional charge, others we have yet to visit. Letting our co-created, synchronistic vision take the lead during the pre-planning stage, we allow ourselves to arrive where we are called.

The installation is one of sound, and the tones of each bell singing together create a fluctuating overtone drifting on a sea of harmonies. The resonance is felt in the cellular structure of the body, the sound and vibration restructuring the aura and accelerating healing of the physical body in subtle but profound ways.Ā Freeform symphonies start up with the wind, fading off before timidly and patiently building up, reaching crescendos and again fading away. Each tree we install them in, and the surrounding environment dictates how they are hung, heard, and felt. We are simply collaborating with the music of the natural world, assembling an instrument for the earth and sky to speak through.

The materials used were chosen for their simple elemental qualities, for the sounds they produce, and for their humble aesthetics:

Low-fire Terracotta Clay

Red Terra Sigilatta Clay Slip

Sisal Rope

Hemp Cord

Laurel Wood

Re-used Polycotton Cord

10oz Canvas